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IoT Device Provisioning

Getting your devices on the network

GridSafe makes it simple to provision and de-provision IoT devices. The system manages the process to bring an IoT device online and into an operational state. GridSafe allows you to utilize a single system, across multiple networks and vendors to ensure you get a return on your device investments and no devices slip through the cracks.

IoT Device Configuration Management

Keeping your IoT devices configured

GridSafe provides update services for over-the-air changing of configuration settings on IoT devices. Individual devices, as well as groups of devices,  can be updated. GridSafe ensures that the IoT device receives the proper configuration and is operating with the expected configuration setting.

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IoT Device Firmware Management

Keeping the Firmware updated on your IoT devices 

GridSafe provides over-the-air processes to keep the firmware on your IoT devices up-to-date, maintaining a secure, safe and reliable collection of Things. GridSafe also provides the capability to manage edge computing applications when the IoT devices support this functionality.

IoT Device Security Management

Keeping your IoT devices secure

GridSafe provides comprehensive visibility and maintenance of IoT device security. Whether an IoT device supports conventional IT security or requires specialized management of security credentials, GridSafe simplifies security management with over-the-air access to modify the security posture of your IoT devices. 

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IoT Device Monitoring

Making sure your IoT devices are working and available

GridSafe ensures customers can monitor the health of their IoT systems and devices. All alarms and events which may be affecting operation are sent to GridSafe for analysis and further processing to asses potential system issues.


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