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With the onset of Grid Modernization and the proliferation of sensors, new grid control devices and networks, device management has become critical to the changing grid of today and evolution to the grid of tomorrow. GridSafe enables Utilities to manage these devices from a single pane of glass.

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With geographically large distributions of sensors and meters necessary for operations, GridSafe can provide the single point of managing the network of IoT devices to ensure continued efficient operation of systems for the Oil and Gas Industry.


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Manufacturing is expanding the number of networked sensors in Industrial IoT operations, in order to collect critical production data and ultimately turn this data into valuable insights about the efficiency of manufacturing operations. GridSafe provides the necessary management framework to keep these sensors operational and up-to-date to meet the demands of the expanding IoT in manufacturing.

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The Internet of Things has brought about smart transportation which has rapidly changed the industry. Smart devices have improved operational efficiency, as well as made for safer operations. Ensuring these devices remain connected and presenting data is vital to the effectiveness of transportation IoT. GridSafe provides a way for transportation companies to ensure continued proper operation and access to the data needed for routing and planning.

Green Roofs

Campus and Building Management

Smart building and campus IoT systems have led to efficiency in energy, ergonomic traffic design, and generally improved space utilization. Newer campus-wide IoT solutions are leading to capabilities for monitoring visual and acoustic conditions, chemical surveillance and alerting to improve emergency response systems. GridSafe provides the platform to manage devices at the building level as well as single and multi-site campuses. Gridsafe provides the status of devices for any corporate or educational IoT sensor network.


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